5 Tips About Weight Loss And Healthy Food Choices

These 5 tips will guide you in making the right food choices for you.

1.One of the healthiest foods you can consume are fruits. It’s important for you to eat at least two cups per day. Furthermore if you vary your selection you are more likely to continue to eat your fruits each day.

2. As you know meat is one of the primary sources of protein. Protein is necessary to obtain amino acids needed for repair and rebuilding in the body. There is concern about cooking meat enough so that any bacteria in it is killed off. It is also important that the meat is not overcooked. Overcooking alters the amino acid bonds making them less, if at all, valuable to the body. Starving your body of amino acids alters the metabolism. Nuts, beans, and seafood are also a good source of protein.

3.Calcium is needed for bones and teeth as well as many other functions of the body. Besides consuming foods rich in calcium, start paying attention to what some foods and drinks do to the calcium stores in the body. For example, sodas are very high in sugar, sometimes have caffeine, and are acidic. Sodas cause the body to pull calcium out of bones and muscles in order to neutralize the acid.

4. Without argument vegetables are at the top of the list for healthy food choices. Make sure to eat both raw and lightly cooked vegetables. Again, overcooking will destroy the enzymes that naturally exist in vegetables.

5. Healthy fats are absolutely necessary for the body to build, repair, and protect the body internally. Foods like avacado, extra-virgin olive oil, and organic butter are good for your health.