The truth about fast food.

Not all burgers and sandwiches are the same. Sometimes people will stop by a fast food place and get a burger and fries thinking it fits into their diet plan if they don’t eat anything else the rest of the day. They are trading healthy fortifying food for chemically processed food.  The food that is made for most fast food restaurants have more chemicals and preservatives in them than what is found on the shelves of grocery stores. They are made to last a very long time. Do you really want to eat bread that birds and animals wouldn’t eat if left outside?

The body is built to process and gently release these chemicals.  That is a function of the kidneys, liver, skin, and digestive system.  In today’s world, the use of chemicals has risen dramatically making the average person’s body a chemical experiment. In the U.S. more chemicals are legal and present in our every day lives than other countries.

These chemicals attach to fat and organs, making weight loss and good health difficult.  The body was meant to be nourished with real, fresh, and whole foods.  You are better off making that burger at home rather than picking it up on the way home. This goes for frozen dinners as well. Chemically made and over cooked food is not the way to better weight and health.

The most common issue with meals is time. Try making burger patties at home in bulk.  Freeze them.  They can be taken out of the freezer in the morning and cooked in the evening.  Of course this works well with so many meals. Once you get the hang of it, you will see and feel the benefits.