Power vegetables

“Eat your vegetables, they’re good for you”. Sound familiar? Every parent has said this to their child. What is so great about them?  The benefits of vegetables are so far reaching that if you skip them you are challenging your health and weight loss goals.

Brussel sprouts have great value for the body: They bind with bile acids lowering cholesterol.  The cholesterol is needed to help digest fat. They support and protect our DNA. antioxidant regulates inflammation in the body fights against and prevents cancer reverses blood vessel damage digestive health protects stomach lining promotes proper brain and nerve function needed for healthy bones and teeth

Broccoli: Maintains healthy nervous system and optimal brain function promotes muscle growth’regulate blood pressure fights against free radicals bone health and prevention of osteoporosis detoxify and repair the skin strengthens immune system anti-carcinogen and antioxidant boots liver function aids in digestion and eye health prevents thickening of arteries

Overall, the body has nutritional requirements that are necessary in order to function well.  The better the body function, the easier and more successful the weight loss and control.  They should be raw or steamed lightly.  Over cooking vegetables destroys much of the nutritional value.  Getting into the habit of eating high quality vegetables such as brussel sprouts, brocolli, kale, etc., will help greatly with your health and weight loss goals.