Understanding successful weight loss

Weight loss is a multi-billion dollar industry. There is no lack of weight loss advice, diet plans, miracle foods, pills, and surgery.  Yet we as a country still struggle with health and weight loss. The number of people struggling with weight and health issues grows. Why? Very few of these plans work. Losing weight, keeping it off, and being healthier depends on understanding how the body works, how food works in the body, your health, and more. There are so many myths about food, exercise, and health that it is no surprise that most weight loss plans are insufficient to totally off base. You can’t fool the body. If you don’t follow it’s “rules” you will not win. Some people may get results up front, however, it won’t last and you won’t be healthier. Any program worthwhile will work with the body and won’t follow the health myths that are so well ingrained in the US.

One very important fact about healthy successful weight loss is this: the better the body functions on its own without prescription drugs, the better your body will respond to your weight loss plan. The better your nutritional status the better and faster your body will respond to changes and challenges including weight loss. When you embark on a weight loss plan that actually works with the body instead of trying to bypass and fool it, the results will come differently. That is because part of your weight loss plan includes addressing the body’s daily needs for nutrition. This is a must if you want long term results. For example, you may start to notice that you don’t have those daily headaches anymore or you have more energy. Your body is becoming healthier. Just think of it as laying the ground work for your new healthier leaner body. So if you are actually doing the right things, the weight loss may not be immediate. Don’t despair. It will come.

Remember, be open to learning about how the body actually works, get ready to bust those myths, and take it one step at a time.