Are your beverages causing you to put on weight?

Are your beverages adding to your weight gain?  It is very easy to tip the scales with high sugar content when you drink non-water beverages. The average American will drink four non-water drinks per day. Juice, soda, flavored coffee, and alcohol are the popular choices. If you think you are ok because your soda is diet or you are using low fat creamer, think again. It is the sugar and carbs that causes weight gain, not fat. The extra chemicals in low fat and artificial sweeteners build up in the body and guess what they attach to…fat. This makes it difficult to lose that fat because it now has a purpose.

The human body is made up of mostly water. It needs water for every function. If you are replacing water with coffee, soda, or other drinks you are depriving the body and it cannot function the way it should. Most Americans live daily in a state of at least mild dehydration. Not only are they not drinking enough water, they are further causing dehydration by drinking liquids that have a diuretic effect. Coffee, for example, draws extra water out of the body. It takes cellular energy to lose weight.  Cellular activity requires water.  Successful weight loss comes from understanding how the body works and how it is affected by food, exercise, and other factors. Do yourself and your health a favor, start reducing those daily non-water drinks. Give yourself a little time to get used to the change. Having one cup of coffee per day will not set you back. Relying on these beverages to quench thirst or for  an energy burst will cost you.