About the Program

There is much information out there about weight loss and good health, what is healthy and what is not. It can be confusing because much of this information is incorrect or over simplified. The truth is… the human body is incredible and complex. Although we all need to follow some basic guide lines for successful weight loss and continued health, our bodies don’t all respond the same way. Why is it that some people seem to have difficulty with it and others don’t? There are many factors but much of it comes down to the efficiency of your body. Does your body function efficiently? There are many processes in the body. When there is a glitch or two or three, there is “drag” on the body systems. This can make your weight loss results slow and difficult to maintain.

This program will help you discover what is causing a “drag” on your body systems. You will learn how to eliminate or lessen the “drag”, making your body more efficient. In so doing, you become healthier and better able to lose weight, and keep it off. This process is about developing new habits for a healthier lifestyle. You need to give yourself time to adjust and change. There is a much greater chance of success when these lifestyle steps are learned and acted upon one at a time. They need to become habit. Habits are developed over time.

Learning how to attain your healthy weight and remain healthy can be challenging. Besides all the incorrect information available, sorting through the confusing maze of information is enough to cause pleanty of frustration.

This is another reason why we have developed this program to be taken in steps. You will get a clear concise action plan to implement gradually into your life. First, we guide you in making some important necessary changes to help you reach your initial goal. As you develop these new habits, you can start to dig deeper into the specifics of optimum health and body efficiency.

Have you ever known anyone who has lost an impressive amount of weight only to gain it back again? This is all too common. A person goes “on a diet”, loses the weight, then what? He is back to the old routine and habits, and the old weight too. The food plan didn’t address the “drag” issues and the person didn’t learn any other aspects of healthy living. The truth is , it is not only about changing food and exercise. No doubt, these need to be addressed, but if the body does not function well, weight loss is difficult. The better function and efficiency, the less work it takes to stay on track and maintain a health weight and body.

Personally, I don’t see it as work anymore. I have developed certain habits that better serve me and I enjoy it. After 20+ years of studying, reading, and learning, I have been able to tweak my lifestyle so that it works for me and supports my goals for a healthy life and body.

Here with us, you will have access to this information in a way that makes it manageable to implement into your life. An action plan taken step by step will empower you to make it your own and live a new way that serves you now and in your future. Are you going to be healthier in your future or less healthy? This is your choice.