Not all sugar is the same

Sometimes people will switch healthy meals for sugary sweets and think that they are just switching one type of calorie for another.  In other words, it doesn’t matter where the calories come from as long as it isn’t too many of them.  This is inaccurate thinking for two reasons. It doesn’t matter how many calories are in a food.  It has nothing to do with weight gain. This may be a difficult concept to accept as this myth about food and weight gain is well ingrained in our society. Insulin must be released in order for fat to be deposited in the body.  Insulin is released when sugar is consumed.  The second reason that this calorie switch doesn’t work is because the body depends on good nutrient supply.  If you are depriving yourself of the nutrition needed for proper physiological function, then a whole host of problems will get in your way. This is not the way to weight loss and good health. The only way to good health and weight is by eating real food. The less processed the better. There are many myths about food, nutrition, and weight loss. When you start to understand the truths about your health and body, you are on your way to acheiving your health goals.