Weight loss and exercise

If you’re ready to try healthy eating to lose weight, don’t forget about the importance of exercise. Exercise has many benefits that shouldn’t be ignored when you’re trying to lose weight and improve your health.

Many people think of exercise as a way of burning calories. Have you ever heard of people going for a walk to “walk off the turkey dinner”. Do you know how far you would have to walk to actually burn off that dinner?  It’s more like a whole work day of walking. You will have more success if you understand that exercise is one necessary path to creating body efficiency.  Exercising to “burn fat” is not the most efficient way to become healthy and trim. The most effective way to exercise for maximum health effects and weight loss or control is to challenge the body with short bursts of high intensity exercise. It uses up your available sugar source, and challenges the lungs and heart to perform at higher levels.  Then the body burns more energy (fat) the rest of the day and night replenishing and recooperating. That said, not everybody can jump right into this level of exercise because of weight and/or health conditions. In fact, if you’re not used to this intensity of exercise you should make gradual changes in the intensity levels and be sure to give yourself a couple of days of rest between workouts. The most effective workouts need only be done 3 times each week.  The level of intensity is different from person to person.  Check with your doctor before making any changes in your exercise protocol. If you need to start exercising by walking, do it.  You can build on it as your body improves.